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It all started out in late 2014 when three members of melodic death youngsters Decode decided that they wanted to deliver more brutal and furious sounds. Bloodshed was then founded on October 20th with Duc Lun (Revenants, GAI, ex-Decode) on bass, Hung Beo (Revenants, Savage Monkeys, Empty Spaces, ex-Decode) on drums, Quan Troc (ex-Decode) on vocals and two SOR apprentices Ngoc Kon and Doan Minh on guitars. The band started out covering Six Feet Under (lol), Kataklysm... attempting to play a groovy kind of death metal, before growing love with a more violent form of death metal with cranial-cracking breakdowns influenced by Dying Fetus, Devourment... Minh left the band in November 2015, leaving his position empty until a month after when Hai Long 'Guillotine' Nguyen filled in. The lineup released their first single "The Innocent Man" in August 2017. Duc called it quit in November after 3 year of activity and David Hudd - a good friend of the band - stepped in as the new bassist/backup vocalist. David soon started getting into the groove with the band, bringing new materials and ideology to the band's music. Bloodshed is now a combo of Ngoc's groovy riffs, Hung's technical-driven drumming and David and Quan's angry, hateful and misanthropic lyrics.

Current Members:

Vocals - Quan Troc, Guitars/Leader - Ngoc, Guitars - Long Guillotine, Bass - David, Drums - Hung Beo

Former Members:

Bass -Duc Lun, Guitars - Minh Doan


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Scoundrel Premium TShirt

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